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How to use the air conditioning correctly and… save money!

Using air conditioning efficiently and economically in various environments is important, to avoid unpleasant health problems linked to misuse and to save on the bill.

But are you sure you know how to use the conditioner correctly? In hot summers, especially in urban centers more subject to heat, this appliance becomes almost indispensable for many . A faithful ally in the war on heat.

However, many do not know that using it badly causes damage to one’s health and the environment. Excessive electricity consumption is generated which spills over to bills and our family (or individual) budget.

Regardless of the time of day and without or control. We risk spending a lot more and making this appliance inefficient. Here is a series of useful and never predictable tips that not everyone knows.

Each house has its own model . Before purchasing, carefully evaluate the technical characteristics of the appliance and choose the one which, in terms of size and performance, is best suited to the environment to be refrigerated.

Choose it of the right power. Use machines with a power not exceeding the requirements , with a high efficiency class and equipped with inverters.

The high-efficiency models are all classified with the letter A, but due to a not-so-stringent regulation, the efficiency index set at 3.2 kW is not indicative of real performance: in short, there are appliances that reach just this parameter and others that exceed it and by a lot. So watch out for the labels .

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