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Air conditioning: useful tips to save money, energy and health

With the arrival of heat, here is the time to refresh the rooms of the house , offices and other environments. When temperatures rise there are those who decide to install an air conditioner to cool the rooms.

If you opt for this solution, know that there are some tricks to save energy and to cut the cost of the bill as well as to make sure that the action of the air conditioner is really efficient. Just keep in mind some simple tricks.

When you use air conditioning correctly, you also protect your health . In fact, if the air conditioner positioned in the right place and if you are exposed directly to the air flow (attention, especially, to the placement of the desk in the study or office) avoided many problems, such as stiff neck , muscle aches , neck pain , sore throat , bronchitis , gastroenteritis , otitis and sinusitis .

From Enea come 10 practical tips on the efficient and sustainable use of air conditioners to cool rooms in an optimal way without excessive expenses in the bill. The suggestions are made by the ENEA experts of the Agency for Energy Efficiency.

Prefer inverters
Appliances equipped with inverter technology adapt the power to the actual need and reduce the on and off cycles and are therefore to be preferred.

Take advantage of the incentives
For the purchase of a heat pump, if it is intended to fully or partially replace the old thermal plant, you can take advantage of ‘ Ecobonus , the deduction IRPEF that until December 31, 2016 will be 65% , or the thermal account , an incentive that varies according to the size of the plant. Here more information.

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